3-Wick Candle Mahogany Balsam Bath & Body Works

bath&body works

3-Wick Candle Mahogany Balsam Bath & Body Works

Hello, my Sweeties!

Today I want to show you nice winter fragrant candle from American company Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works

It was difficult to choose one, because I wanted everything. The site describes the flavor notes of each candle and my imagination draws each one as unrealistic enjoyable. After some time, I finally decided and my choice in front of you smile.

bath & body work

My candle Mahogany Balsam has very cozy and interesting notes of fresh green balsam, juniper, mahogany. And all together it smells fresh and very nice. If it is possible to imagine the fresh and sweet at the same time like a good men’s fragrance, then something like this will be the scent of candles. These sweet woody notes of juniper have magical comfort. They do not stimulate, but rather the contrary fill room with pacification and warmth. I really like the fragrance and if I met such a perfume, without delay, I would be acquire for my husband.

Bath & Body Works

As I realized in the last winter collection this candle was also presented, but design was another. So I hope to meet this fragrance in the next winter collection.

Bath & Body Works

Candles Bath & Body Works are available in three sizes and I have the biggest 3-wick candle. It very quickly fills the room with aroma — it needs about 10 minutes. Burns approximately 25-45 hours. Do not extinguish the flame of the candle with water, do not use it more than 3-4 hours and do not relight until it has cooled down well.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works

Wick size should be about 1/4 inch (6.35 millimeter), occasionally necessary to trim the wicks. Then the flame will not be big, the service life of the candle will increase and it will burn longer before the room will be filled with fragrance.

Bath & Body Works

My candle collection is replenished. I am very happy! smile  Before you buy of course the risk is present, because you can omagine the fragrance as you wish, but reality can both upset and rejoice. In my case — only positive emotions. If you are afraid to buy big candles at once then you can try to get the little candles.


  • cruelty-free
  • very pleasant fragrance
  • large volume
  • fit both men and women
  • beautiful design

Candle has not cons!

That’s all, my Berries! Wish to all of you cozy, good and successful week!

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  • Lyosha
    Добавлено в 14:21h, 07 февраля Ответить

    I love flavored candles for home! I tend to buy than I actually can use.
    Very nice review! I think i should try this one as well

    • Катерина
      Добавлено в 21:31h, 07 февраля Ответить

      Thank you! I think you’ll like! smile

  • Наталия Годунова
    Добавлено в 18:54h, 07 февраля Ответить

    обожаю эти свечи, мечтала года 3 пока купила)))Катюш прекрасный бальзам, хочу и такой и их всееее)))

    • Катерина
      Добавлено в 21:32h, 07 февраля Ответить

      laugh Я тебя так хорошо понимаю! Сама хочу коллекцию! На все времена года и настроения smile . Наташенька, спасибо большое что читаешь!

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