Essence The Little X-Mas Factory 2in1 Core Concealer

Essence The Little X-mas Factory

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory 2in1 Core Concealer

Hello, my Sweeties!

Today I want to show you my new concealer Essence The Little X-Mas Factory 2in1. Concealer has the transparent core which evens out irregularities and smoothes the skin roughness. Well, then let’s talk more detail smile.

The Little X-mas Factory

Concealer has a plastic case with a transparent cap. It is not loose, and firmly clipped on the case.


Concealer is represented in the collection in one shade, which was approved by the elves smile, hence its name — 01 elf-approved! I don’t want to write the ingredients, I’ll give you a link to them. I just want to note that I have no claims to ingredients. And when you consider that this is enough budget cosmetics, and it has not contained parabens, I have more greater respect for the company. Once I found a part of titanium dioxide, just a bit of it, but once SPF yet no one interfered in cosmetics. And of course the absence of animal testing, which can be read here.


essence 01 elf-approved

Concealer is good to apply and spread, wonderfully shaded by finger. I did not like to use brushes with it, finger — is a perfect use for it. Concealer don’t emphasizes peeling and wrinkles, and don’t hammered into the folds. Very pleased with resistance at the end of the day, it will not «run away» and not grouped in the folds. The coating density is above average and it can still be layered for more dense. It would therefore be appropriate for both day and evening makeup. The shade looks dark, but this impression is somewhat deceptive. Below I’ll show you in makeup.

Applied one layer:

essence 01 elf-approved

Feathered by finger:

essence отзывы

I like to use it when I have not many time for makeup. I aply it on the area under the eyes and a quickly fingering to shade, it doesn’t leave sharp edges and strips.


The yellow pigment in it just good for the correction of bruises and a veins. Let’s see how it looks in makeup. On the photo the result before and after the application with a light BB cream on the cheeks. Concealer was applied to the area under the eyes.


I have light middle skin tone in the winter and you can see how this concealer looks. I can not advise it for a very light skin tone, it would still be visible on the porcelain skin. Who has the skin tone is closer to the natural one, I think would be pleased. Concealer behaves on the skin well and definitely deserves attention. I must say that this is not my first concealer from Essence. And  the brand associates with good concealers.



  • not tested on animals
  • does not contain parabens
  • well applied and distributed
  • good cover
  • can be layered
  • do not hammered into the folds during the day
  • does not emit peeling


  • one shade in the collection

That’s all, my Berries! Wish a great day and good mood to all of you!

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