Raw Shea Butter Soap Red Currant Clove Dr. Woods. IHerb

dr woods

Raw Shea Butter Soap Red Currant Clove Dr. Woods. IHerb

Hello, my Sweeties!

Today I want to tell you about an interesting and unusual, in my opinion, soap Dr. Woods Raw Shea Butter Soap Red Currant Clove. How often do you get pieces of soap with peppercorns for exfoliating effect? Personally, I got it for the first time. If you add cloves, cinnamon, citrus fruits and currants, what happens? You will have almost the mulled wine smile.

dr woods


Palm oil, coconut oil, water, glycerin, red currant and peppercorn fragrance with oils of clove flower, patchouli, cinnamon leaf, lemon peel, orange peel, ginger and nutmeg organic shea butter¹, crushed peppercorn, natural mineral pigment, clover flower oil, patchouli oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, salt, vitamin E. ¹Certified by Quality Assurance International

dr woods

The ingredients are really good and very interesting. But I want to pay attention that it contains flavors, and it can cause allergies. The aroma is clear intense and enjoyable. In my opinion it is a warm, sweet and cozy. Just right for the cold season. I can describe like mulled wine with floral notes smile. Well, unusually for the soap, is not it?

dr wood

Also, the soap is a natural, suitable for vegans, is not tested on animals and manufactured in the USA.

Slice has streamlined convenient form and a decent weight — 149 grams. Consumption feel quite economical.

iherb dr woods

Particles of peppercorns perform the basic function of the peeling. There are not so much of them — about 10-15 in sight. Enough hard and tangible on the skin, particularly in sensitive areas. But it is just what you need for the buttocks and thighs.

iherb dr woods

I used it for the whole body. The soap gives good foam, especially as for natural soap and it has a pink hue.

dr woods

Skin soap does not dry and I did not cause any allergic reactions. What I liked more — it is the awakening aroma and effect that gives this massage-exfoliat smile. I just feel like enhanced blood circulation and after shower I go completely awakened and rejuvenated. I excited with a positive effect for the skin and pep that’s for sure.

dr. woods iherb

Soap is definitely interesting and overall I like it. It is not all perfect and it does not suit everyone, but if you love the unusual flavors in the soap and exfoliating effects, you will enjoy it for sure.

iherb dr woods


  • not tested on animals
  • does not dry the skin
  • foams well
  • wake up and improves blood circulation
  • nice rich aroma
  • vegan, natural ingredient

It is hard for me to write about cons in this case. Personally I liked soap Dr. Woods, but I can assume that for someone fragrance may be strong and it has hard scrubbing effect. Although from my experience of using exfoliating pieces of soap, I can say that on a scale from 1 to 10, this has rating of 8. And about the soap with a 10 points I will tell you another time smile.

That’s all, my Berries! Please tell us how hard you like exfoliating body, gently or harshly? smile To all of you wish a good day and positive thoughts!

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    А что, теперь блог будет вестись «по-нерусски»???

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      Катюша, на русском языке все есть и будет smile . Просто переключись на главной странице на русский. Тебя видимо автоматически на английскую версию перенаправляет.

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